NOT what youth sports should be about

Not a lot of fun in Wichita, KS on the football field apparently. The city council convened a meeting to discuss a fight September 8th at Linwood Park during a youth football practice. Witnesses say a group of men confronted a coach. A fight broke out, with according to police, one man using brass knuckles to hurt the coach. And here’s the kicker, (no pun intended…or maybe it was), the wife of the coach fired a gun into the air to stop the fight. Here’s more.

This is awesome

Guilder Rodriguez spent 13 seasons and 1,095 games in the minors before finally being called up to the Majors last week. Yesterday he got his first Big League hit with his parents watching. Just like his dad, be ready to dab a few tears from your eyes after you watch this.

Award for best high school football interview

…goes to…Apollos Hester from East View High School. Take a look at it here and be amazed. How would you like to coach this kid?

Derek Jeter Gatorade commercial

If you’re even mildly interested in Derek Jeter, you’ve probably seen this, but if you haven’t, take a look. Its worth the minute just to see the joy in the faces of the people who get to meet him on his way into Yankee Stadium.

High school soccer vs. Academy

Here is an interesting article from yesterday’s Gonzaga Bulletin about the way many players must choose between playing Academy soccer and playing for their high schools.

How many swings has Derek Jeter taken?

The New York Times figured it out. With only about twelve days left in the Yankee great’s incredible career, you might want to sit back and admire this for a few minutes.

Another funny from Steve Moore’s In the Bleachers

We’ve been feeling like this a lot lately…



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