Go Team USA!

The United States Men’s soccer team tries to make it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup today when they take on Belgium. On the team website you can learn everything there is to know about the team, the game and much more. Let’s go, U.S.!

Landon Donovan shows class, honesty

We had to bring you some World Cups posts during this great tournament, didn’t we? Here’s a terrific article by the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke on Landon Donovan and the strides he’s made to put his Team USA snub behind him and find a silver lining.

Too much, too soon, too fast?

This Los Angeles Times article about a new app developed to help youngsters avoid and rehabilitate from pitching injuries is really an exposure of the not-so-great side of youth baseball, injuries and overzealous parents and coaches.

CoachDeck partners with Changing the Game

We’ve formed a strategic alliance with John O’Sullivan and his Changing the Game Project. John’s mission is very similar to ours: To improve the quality of the youth sports experience for coaches and, especially kids. Read the press release for more information on the partnership and the Changing the Game Project.

Belated Father’s Day cartoon

We know we’re a bit late, but we just stumbled upon this cartoon and it’s perfect. We’re new, big fans of Drew Litton!

Father's Day Baseball Cartoon

Increases in physical activity lead to decreases in ADHD

Many believe that ADHD is either often misdiagnosed, over-medicated, or not even a real disorder. This study, brought to us by our partners, PHIT America.org shows that maybe the problem with many our today’s youth is not “Attention Deficit” but rather activity deficit.

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