A truly “perfect” game

A perfect game is when a pitcher retires every batter he faces in order. But what if he takes it one step better and strikes every one out? That’s what Mike Delio of Carle Place High School on Long Island did recently…21 batters faced, 21 strikeouts. Here is the ESPN Video of the amazing feat.

Is there treatment for concussions?

This terrific video by Dr. Tad Seifert of Norton Sports Health addresses the best route to take after one has suffered a concussion.

If you’re in Buffalo today, you’re in luck

You can get out of work or school with this note tweeted out by the Buffalo Bisons for their Opening Day at Coca Cola Field.

Opening day homers

And we’re not talking the kind that come off the bat and travel over the fence. We’re being homers for CoachDeck’s hometown, San Diego, and its ballpark, Petco. In case you didn’t know it, as these photos from the blimp attest, its a nice place to visit (or live) and watch a ball game.

Intense Little League coverage

So many different directions we could take this article in the Saipan Tribune. Are we appalled at the 32-1 Little League score? Are we amazed at the level of coverage afforded Little League games in the paper? Are we wondering how the byline is listed as April 02, 2014 when that day hasn’t occurred yet? One thing for sure. It looks like they take their youth ball seriously in Saipan.

Own goal off the face

We’ll close out the month that saw our NCAA bracket implode with a perfect analogy from the soccer world. Here’s to a great April.

This is worth a chuckle

It’s not NCAA Tournament-related, but it is NCAA basketball. Here is the final sequence for Syracuse in their loss to NC State in the ACC Tournament put to music. No disrespect to Syracuse fans, but this is pretty funny.


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