Mo Cheeks National Anthem

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this video, but even so, its worth another look to brighten the day. When 13 year-old Natalie Gilbert forgot the words to the National Anthem, Portland Trailblazers assistant coach Maurice Cheeks came to the rescue. Watch the heartwarming video here. Of the moment, Cheeks said, “I was brought up the right way by my mother and father. We didn’t have the best life, but they instilled in us to treat people the right way. That’s all it is. It’s no secret. It’s no recipe to it. It’s just treating people correctly, and if you do it correctly, it’ll come back to you.”

What impact would two more hours of PE each week have on kids?

According to a Swedish study, brought to us by our partners, PHIT, two more hours of Phys Ed each week doubles a child’s chances for academic success. Read the details here. The bottom line is a healthy body equals a healthy mind!

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End the week on a cute and heartwarming note

In 2010, Liam Fitzgerald, who was then 4, was entering treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and nobody knew what to expect. But after 3 ½ years of treatment, Liam, who has Down syndrome, came through with flying colors. Watch him fist-bump all of the Boston Bruins players as they come off the ice after warm-up.

Youth baseball doing good

There can be a lot of negativity surrounding youth sports these days, what with the behavior of crazy parents and coaches. But here are two stories, one from California and another from Florida, showing that youth sports can be a vehicle for great things as well. Way to go!

TruSport Newsletter

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Youth soccer rift

This is one of the toughest dilemmas we’ve ever encountered. In a sixth-grade soccer league in Seattle, so many girls showed up that they needed to field two teams. In cases such as this, the league rules require that both teams be split equally from a talent standpoint. However, prior to the season, concerns were expressed that the teams were not equal. One team went 7-0-1, while the other finished 2-4-1. The parents from the undefeated team claimed the the coach was fantastic and elevated the girls to a higher level. The parents from the other teams believed they were given the short end of the stick. The league was in a tough spot because they felt they had to uphold the integrity of the rule, but at the same time didn’t relish the idea of taking anything away from the winning team. Here is an article about the story. See if you agree with how it was resolved. If you don’t, do you have a better solution?


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