It was a wild weekend

From Gabas Maldunas and Dartmouth upsetting Yale at the buzzer to Georgetown’s Tyler Adams and the Indiana Hoosiers Hanner Mosquera-Perea dunks to bees and much more. If  you missed any of these highlights, here is a great recap of the weekend’s sports courtesy of CBS

We love this time of year!

Is it finally here? NCAA basketball’s smorgasbord of thrilling moments, buzzer beaters, fantastic finishes, elation and heartbreak is upon us! It begins this week with the conference tournaments, many of which will provide Cinderella invitations to the Big Dance. Then, next week, (can it be?) is the beginning of the greatest sporting event of the year, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Get your remote controls ready!

Have a chuckle for the weekend

If you’ve ever played in a six feet and under basketball league, this might be particularly amusing. As usual, we thank Steve Moore for his In the Bleachers cartoons, courtesy of Go Comics.


More good stuff from Protex Sports

Here is another terrific post from our friend, John Ellsworth, of Protex Sports. He invites you to take his Mental Toughness Challenge #8: Confidence Building by Tracking Success. You can send John your request by filling out the “contact us” form at He will then arrange time to talk with you on the phone and help you better understand the how mental toughness is built and how it can improve your performance. Take advantage of this great offer!

Alex Cobb does his good deed for the day

Tampa Bay Ray’s pitcher, Alex Cobb saw a stray dog outside the Rays’ spring training facility in Port Charlotte, FL. Instead of ignoring the pooch and going about his business, he spend 20 minutes following it through neighborhoods until the pup let him pick him up. Now Alex wants to know if he has your dog so he can return it. Best catch of the new season, Alex!

Four Strategies to Strengthen Composure

One our partners, John Ellsworth of Protex Sports has released a tremendous podcast designed to help athletes stay steady in pressure-packed situations. In this podcast you’ll learn the things that get in the way of your composure and four strategies to strengthen your composure. Listen here.

Go to Upstart Sports for your baseball needs

Our OnDeck Newsletter advertiser, Upstart Sports is a great source for everything you need for the coming baseball season. From institutional items such as pitching machines to everything for the player including top-of-the line fielding gloves, batting gloves, bats, sunglasses and more. Have a great season!


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