Are high-schoolers ready for year-round football?

That’s the question Los Angeles Times reporter Eric Sondheimer asks in yesterday’s column. Many coaches are concerned with the escalation. Here is the article.

Funny for Friday

Courtesy of FOX Sports, here is something guaranteed to bring some chuckles to you going into the weekend. You’ll enjoy these top Saturday Night Live skits involving athletes over the years.

That didn’t take long

Watch soccer player Geoffrey Acheampong make a most improbable goal for Cate high school vs. Malibu. Incredible!

Obama Administration Supports Funding Physical Education Program

From our partners at PHIT, comes this good news: For the first time in many years the President’s annual budget submission includes funding for the Carol M. White Physical Education (PEP) Program.   The PEP grants provide much needed funding to Local Education Agencies and community based organizations to initiate, expand or enhance physical education programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  For the last 14 years, PEP grant recipients have successfully fought childhood obesity by developing innovative fitness programs that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle. The President proposed $60 million for PEP in his 2016 Department of Education budget, with $34 million being set aside for new PEP grants. You can read the entire article here. Contact  your local congressional representative and ask that they get on board!

St. Francis dances

There’s no shot clock in high school basketball. So when Georgia high school Mount Pisgah tried to limit the damage being inflicted on them by the stronger St. Francis high by holding the ball with a running clock, what the players for St. Francis did on the court might amuse you. Check out the video here.

Opening Day just around the corner!

And we’re not talking about Major League Baseball, though that too is only 56 days away. Youth baseball leagues everywhere are planning for their first pitches. Youth baseball leagues need help with fundraisers, uniforms, trophies, registration, field maintenance, coaching and much more. It takes dozens of volunteers to run a successful season. Chip in and help out with your local league. You’ll be glad you did!

Youth baseball ramp-up

Planning is underway for the upcoming spring baseball seasons across the country. While some regions are digging out of snow, others have already begun practicing. What are the biggest issues your league faces? Is it fundraising? Getting enough volunteers? Quality of coaching? Let us know what challenges you have…there are many ways we can help.


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