Quote from Malcolm Forbes

American entrepreneur most prominently known as the publisher of Forbes magazine he said, “To measure a man, measure his heart.” Let’s make the most of this day by showing our heart!


Iowa Hawkeyes fantastic tradition

We didn’t know about this tradition at the Iowa Hawkeyes Kinnick Stadium but now that we do, we’re Hawkeyes fans. Go Iowa. Courtesy ESPN.com.

Get caught up in college football

If you missed this weekend’s highlights, here you go, courtesy of NCAA.

What’s the earliest baseball or softball registration?

We’re looking for the youth baseball or softball league that opens their Spring 2018 registration the earliest. For most in the country this seems like a long ways away, but there are leagues in Southern California, Florida and other warm-climate states that are already meeting and planning for ’18. When does your spring registration begin? Email us at customerservice@coachdeck.com and let us know!

Quote form the Bambino

Today’s quote comes from Babe Ruth: “Every strike got me that much closer to a home run.” Take those wise words with you today as you encounter setbacks and challenges!

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FINALLY…Football is back!

High School, college, the NFL, even youth football, all in full swing after what seemed like an interminable wait! And if you’re coaching and you’d like some drills at your fingertips, may we recommend our CoachDeck for Football with 52 good, fundamental drills in four color-coded categories. You’ll be running your best practices ever!