52 Drills in a Deck of Cards

Since our original review of CoachDeck (A Perfect Practice is in the Cards – January 11, 2007), much has happened with this nifty little product. Most notably, once only for baseball, CoachDeck (www.coachdeck.com), now has a soccer version with drills created by former professional coach and player, Guy Newman. CoachDeck is building an online “Extras” page with a vision of ultimately be the one-stop online resource for all volunteer coaches. This page will offer additional drills, tips, practice plans, documents and advice as well as a wealth of special offers and discounts from merchants. Hundreds of youth sports leagues in soccer, baseball and softball have chosen to make CoachDeck part of their league’s training curriculum and soon CoachDeck will offer their product for other sports such as football, basketball, and hockey as well.

Every year, millions of people volunteer to step up and coach their son or daughter’s recreational sports teams, (often because no one else was willing), but frequently they’re scared to death. They imagine they’ll show up at the first practice all the other parents will be standing off to the side criticizing what a terrible job they’re doing. CoachDeck gives these folks a shot in the arm of confidence because now they know when they’re on the field everything they’ll be doing is legitimate and fundamentally sound.

CoachDeck is portable and the drills are succinct and fun to use. It is the ideal solution for the inexperienced rookie coach who needs a game plan, the veteran who’d like some new ideas or even the backyard parent. Having a CoachDeck is like having a professional coach help out at every practice.