Why Your League Should Not Re-draft

The Little League in which my sons have played does not re-draft players each new season in Majors. Players, once “titled” to a team, stay on that team the remainder of their Majors careers. At their recent international congress, Little League International nearly voted to eliminate titled players as an option for leagues to utilize. Fortunately, while the measure received a majority of votes, it did not receive the two-thirds required to carry. This means that, for at least another two years until the next congress (and, hopefully, forever), your league can choose to title players. I heartily recommend you do so, and here’s why.

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  1. […] Leagues now are opting for a complete re-draft of their Majors teams at the end of each season. I wrote an article a while back expressing my views on the advantages of the “Titled Players” system where […]

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