Six fundamentals for youth coaches

Six steps to being a good coach, when distilled down are:
• When coaching young players, try to spend as much time as possible on their level, by taking a knee or sitting, to reduce the disparity between you and them
• Never say something negative about a player’s ability, and find something positive to go along with any corrections you need to make
• Blaming your mistakes on players only leads to their confusion and shame, and makes you appear insecure
• Part of being a good coach is being tough now and then
• Don’t tell and yell – show and know. In other words, demonstrating to your players what you want them to do, and having them show you that they’ve got it is better than talking
• Make the season fun by staying out of the traps of over competitiveness and lack of organization.

As I’ve said before…if all you do with your team this year is ensure that every youngster wants to come back and play again next season…you’ve passed with flying colors!