CoachDeck “Extras” Page

We are in the process of re-building our CoachDeck “Extras” Page, which is an additional online resource for all CoachDeck customers. We offer free, useful downloads for volunteer coaches and will soon unveil our new “Marketplace” chock full of special offers from selected vendors with whom we’ve established special relationships. Most of these companies won’t be the same ones you see running commercials on ESPN, but they provide quality goods and services aimed at the community youths sports marketplace. If you’d like a sneak preview and access to our “Extras” page, send us an email at, indicate if you’re interested in Soccer, Baseball or both and we’ll get you in.

In the meantime, here is an up-and-coming company sure to make a big splash in the baseball market. XProTex batting gloves are different than any you’ve seen and will add loads of confidence and protection to players of all ages. Check them out at