Weigh in on the World Cup

The World Cup is unmatched in its ability to captivate the world and provide thrills and stunning highlights. This tournament has also delivered its share of controversy. Did Team USA exceed expectations, or disappoint? And should FIFA institute instant replay? Let us know what you think!

One Response

  1. As an Englishman who has lived and coached in the USA you should be extremely proud of the U.S. team,

    The country has made tremendous strides in recent years and although more than 3 million players under the age of 18 regularly play the game unfortunately, until these kids grow up, marry and have kids of their own who will be raised in a soccer environment then you will always have critics.
    For example, one famous late night talk show host said
    “why would he watch soccer that is slow and boring when he can watch his favourite baseball team”

    I mean to disrespect to baseball but I recall watching a game in Dallas but unfortunately I fell asleep long before the game ended after more than two and a half hours.

    At least the U.S. team could fly back with their heads held high which is more than I can say for our over rated, over paid English Prima Donnas.

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