Sue Enquist agrees to oversee CoachDeck’s new softball deck

Sue Enquist is the John Wooden of softball. Enquist holds more softball National Championships (11) than anyone in history. She is UCLA Softball’s first All-American, National Champion, and Hall of Famer. The accolades she’s garnered go on and on. And, she’s agreed to oversee the development of our newest product, CoachDeck-Softball.

The most impressive thing about Sue, (beyond her perpetual upbeat, fun and youthful attitude), is that she really genuinely cares about the game of softball and wants to help youth coaches do a better job. In this way, we believe our partnership is perfect. CoachDeck will be instrumental in furthering the Sue Enquist name and brand, and her expertise and guidance will be invaluable to our customers. You can read more about Sue and our new product here.