Update to Winning Baseball: The Two Strike Approach

Not only have there been two perfect games this season but, as of last night, five no-hitters. After Matt Garza’s no-no of the Tigers, MLB is on pace to set the single-season record. Amazingly, there were seven thrown in back-to-back seasons, (’90 and ’91). Based on the dates these were thrown (below) and the fact that there should already be a sixth this year, it seems a pretty good bet that we’re not done seeing no-hit performances.

1991 (5 individual and 2 combined)
May 1 — Nolan Ryan, Texas def. Toronto, 3-0.
May 23 — Tommy Greene, Philadelphia def. Montreal, 2-0.
July 13 — Bob Milacki (6), Mike Flanagan (1), Mark Williamson (1) and Gregg Olson (1), Baltimore def. Oakland, 2-0.
July 28 — x-Dennis Martinez, Montreal def. L.A. Dodgers, 2-0.
Aug. 11 — Wilson Alvarez, Chicago White Sox def. Baltimore, 7-0.
Aug. 26 — Bret Saberhagen, Kansas City def. Chicago White Sox, 7-0.
Sept. 11 — Kent Mercker (6 innings), Mark Wohlers (2) and Alejandro Pena (1) vs. San Diego, 1-0.

1990 (6 individual and 1 combined)
April 11 — Mark Langston (7) and Mike Witt (2), California Angels def. Seattle, 1-0.
June 2 — Randy Johnson, Seattle def. Detroit, 2-0.
June 11 — Nolan Ryan, Texas def. Oakland, 5-0.
June 29 — Dave Stewart, Oakland def. Toronto, 5-0.
June 29 — Fernando Valenzuela, L.A. Dodgers def. St. Louis, 6-0.
Aug. 15 — Terry Mulholland, Philadelphia def. San Francisco, 6-0.
Sept. 2 — Dave Stieb, Toronto def. Cleveland, 3-0.

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