Salazar wearing XProTex Gloves

Salazar wearing XProTex

Last night my kids and I were watching the Padres – Braves game in extra innings and one of my sons said, “Dad, that guy is wearing those XProTex gloves.” Sure enough, the unmistakable yellow padding on the gloves confirmed it. Oscar Salazar was providing the best advertising XProTex could get, live on TV. XProTex is a customer of ours, and they produce a revolutionary batting glove that provides a tremendous safety feature: Wrist and hand padding for hitters, catchers and fielders. All players, from youth league up to the Majors should consider adding these gloves to the “must-have” equipment list.

Soccer club helping Haiti

Here is a great example of how a community can use their youth sports organization as a vehicle for positive change in the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more clubs and leagues did something similar?

Sue Enquist agrees to oversee CoachDeck’s new softball deck

Sue Enquist is the John Wooden of softball. Enquist holds more softball National Championships (11) than anyone in history. She is UCLA Softball’s first All-American, National Champion, and Hall of Famer. The accolades she’s garnered go on and on. And, she’s agreed to oversee the development of our newest product, CoachDeck-Softball.

The most impressive thing about Sue, (beyond her perpetual upbeat, fun and youthful attitude), is that she really genuinely cares about the game of softball and wants to help youth coaches do a better job. In this way, we believe our partnership is perfect. CoachDeck will be instrumental in furthering the Sue Enquist name and brand, and her expertise and guidance will be invaluable to our customers. You can read more about Sue and our new product here.

In honor of Artie

A CoachDeck client, Darien Youth Baseball, posted a nice tribute to one of their most outstanding volunteers who recently “retired,” from coaching in their league. Volunteers like Artie are what youth sports is all about:

Anyone who is involved with youth sports in Darien and the surrounding areas knows who Artie Waters is. And that’s not just because it seems as if he coaches nearly every sport possible. It’s because of his impact on children and his ability to teach them the true meaning of youth sports.

This season was Artie’s final year coaching and managing in Darien Little League. It’s a stretch that started in 1995 when he coached his oldest child, Peter, in T-ball. It included a 10-year stint as manager of St. John’s in the Majors division, each time with one or two of his children on the roster.

Artie’s resume of youth coaching is by any measure impressive. In addition to his near constant presence on the diamond, Artie can be found coaching swimming, diving, football, lacrosse and basketball. Nearly every family in Darien with children has been touched by Artie.

In a society where winning in youth sports is measured by victories on the field, Artie has taught us all that winning is defined by the values we pass along to our children. Artie’s players have learned what it means to be part of a team, practice hard, have fun and how to win and lose. His lessons on the field have provided many children with life-long lessons about the true meaning of sportsmanship.

Many years ago Artie gave up a corporate career to teach and to coach. The love and devotion he’s provided to our children is something we are all grateful to have received.

Thank you Artie, from the entire DLL family and Board.