3 Simple Steps to Save 100,000 Lives

We’ve all been hit by economic hard times. But our lives are fairy-tales compared to the disaster victims in Haiti and Pakistan. And nothing is more tragic than seeing the effects of disasters on suffering, innocent children – children who would love to have the “problems,” our kids have. That’s why when we heard the UNICEF report that over 100,000 children in Pakistan may die of starvation in the next six months, we immediately asked ourselves what we could do. And that’s what made us think of you.

We’ve been fortunate enough to become associated with over 10,000 youth baseball and soccer leagues. That means that with the right connection, our message has the potential to reach millions of parents who could help this cause. You are that connection.

We made a call to UNICEF, the world-leading advocate for children. With their assistance, we have created a micro-site that allows concerned individuals to easily and securely make financial gifts to this cause. 100% of all revenue goes directly to UNICEF. We are asking all League Administrators to help us in one or more of three simple ways to get the word out so that we can band together and save lives.

How can you help?

  1. Email the following link: http://inside.unicefusa.org/goto/coachdeck directly to your organization email list. A suggestion for an accompanying message might be: “(Organization name) is teaming up with CoachDeck and UNICEF to aid in disaster relief efforts in Haiti and Pakistan. Over 100,000 children face starvation in the next six months. Any gift, even $10.00, will help us save lives.”
  2. Post the link onto your organization website with the same message.
  3. “Like” us on Facebook and help us spread the word that way. Tell your Facebook friends about the cause.
  4. Do all three.

Imagine if every League Administrator reading this contacted every parent, and every parent just gave $10.00. We’d raise millions of dollars and make a world-changing, long-lasting impact on behalf of the American youth sports community. All of us have, in one way or another devoted much of our lives to improving the lives of children. And none of us would ever turn our backs on kids in need. Just because these kids are half a world away doesn’t mean it’s someone else’s problem. Let’s all do our part to make the lives of children better in every corner of the world.

2 Responses

  1. I am the President of Breathitt Youth Soccer League, in Jackson, KY. To whom should the check be made out? What is the deadline?

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