End-of-season coaches’ evaluation

With fall baseball and soccer seasons winding down, we have been asked if there is a template for end-of-season coach evaluations. Below are some suggestions for questions you can use, allowing parents to rate each on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being “superior” and 1 being “lacking”. These evaluations are critical for ensuring that volunteer-run organizations put the best possible coaches on the field.

(1)   Sets proper example by demonstrating sportsmanship

(2) Ability to motivate team and get the most out of players’ abilities

(3) Knowledge of (sport) skills

(4) Knowledge of (sport) rules

(5) Ability to teach (sport) skills and rules

(6) Demonstrates concern for the best interest of players

(7) Creates enthusiasm for (sport)

(8) Attendance and promptness for games

(9) Attendance and promptness for practices

(10) Interaction with parents

(11) I would recommend this coach for next year

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