Baseball pitching mechanics

By Dan Gazaway

Balance is a key element to solid pitching mechanics and will bring you much success if utilized correctly. Without balance, it is difficult to throw strikes and throw hard. Without it, all of your other pitches won’t do what they are intended to do. So how do you keep your balance?

As a pitcher, you want to start off with a solid balance point. In the stretch position, make sure you start in a closed stance not an open stance. To get into this posture, (if you’re a right handed pitcher) place your right toe in the groove of your left shoe and then spread your feet armpit width apart. This will ensure that your start in a closed position with your feet. The key is to start closed and end closed to foot strike after you take your stride. How can your leg lift affect your balance? When you lift your leg, make sure you “lift” not “kick” your leg up. If you “kick” or “twist” too much, you are likely to lose your balance.

Remember, the key to pitching mechanics is balance. All of your momentum needs to go in one direction, and one direction only, toward home plate. Make sure you don’t rock back or forward during your leg lift. Also, ensure you don’t lower (bend) your back leg any further when lifting your lead leg. Your energy goes down when you do this and it is hard to get a good push off the pitching rubber; keep momentum going forward.

One last tip on your leg lift; the majority of your body weight should rest on the ball of your pivot foot instead of the heel of the foot or on the arc. If your weight is on the heel of your foot, you may find it difficult to push off the pitching rubber anyway. When you push off the ball of your pivot foot, not only do you explode to foot strike, gathering more momentum (velocity); you can also keep better balance.

Dan Gazaway is Owner and Founder of The Pitching Academy ( He has instructed over 2,000 pitchers in the last seven years and received a Bachelor’s Degree as a Health Education Specialist at Utah State University. He is a motivational speaker for topics ranging from attitude, goal-setting and leadership and be contacted at

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