Double your holiday gift!

From Carolyn Stern, CEO of UNICEF U.S. Fund

Hundreds of thousands of children in the Horn of Africa are still in peril. UNICEF is racing to help them survive – but we need your help.

Thankfully, there’s good news: An anonymous group of generous donors has agreed to match every dollar you give between now and December 31, up to $1 million!

This is the single largest matching gift of the year. That means for the next 8 days, you have an unrivaled opportunity to help save children suffering from severe malnutrition.

Too many children have already starved to death this year. Help save those that are still struggling to survive.

Donate before December 31 and every dollar you give will be DOUBLED – up to $1 million.

I wish it was over, but the famine in the Horn of Africa is still very real for the families suffering in the region. And to make matters worse, UNICEF is preparing to respond to a new malnutrition crisis in West Africa, where a million more children’s lives are at stake.

The suffering of malnourished children throughout Africa cannot be over-exaggerated. There are children many months old with impossibly small bodies, like newborns. Seasoned UNICEF staff who have lived and worked in the affected regions – people with 20 or 30 years’ experience – break into tears when trying to describe what they are now seeing in terms of human suffering

There are still severely malnourished children in the Horn of Africa and around the world who desperately need your help. With this breaking news – the largest matching gift opportunity we’ve had all year! – you have the power to save twice as many lives.

During my last visit to Kenya, I had the privilege of delivering supplies to an utterly famished boy. Imagine handing a packet of tasty, therapeutic nut-paste to a hungry 2-year old and watching him rip it open and devour the contents. The look on his face: sheer joy.

That moment of joy – when a starving child finally tastes the sweet, nutty paste that has the power to restore – this is what you give countless times over with one generous donation.

You can stop famine from taking a child’s life. You can stop hunger. You can reach an entire generation of children and not only save them from death, but give them a brighter future.

Let’s make the next 8 days a force that literally pulls tens of thousands of children back from the brink.

Please give generously now and help feed, nourish, and save children suffering from malnutrition. Every dollar you give before December 31 will be DOUBLED up to $1 million.

Be a part of something spectacularly life-changing this holiday season. Join thousands of other UNICEF supporters as they come together to save countless innocent children from suffering and hunger.

You can give using CoachDeck’s UNICEF site by clicking here.