More city budget cuts affecting youth sports

A few weeks ago we told you the story of a Michigan youth sports league facing city cutbacks. Below is an open letter written by the board of a Virginia Little League. If you would like to sign an online petition to express your desire that this city appropriate funds to create more fields for these local kids to use and enjoy, there is a link provided allowing you to do so:

Dear GHBL Family:
The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently voted to defund Catharpin Park, a critically needed park in the western part of Prince William County, from the FY 2013 budget that will delay construction of desperately needed six new fields for soccer, football, and lacrosse. Funding specifically for the baseball complex at Catharpin Park would include lights for existing field #s 3 & 4 and a building in the center of the complex that will include snack facilities, meeting rooms, and indoor restrooms.  The funding was originally included in the FY 2013 budget, but was removed because of an internal political disagreement between members of the Board of County Supervisors. The kids are caught in this political crossfire, and that is just unfair. And it is unfair to every family who bought their homes on the now broken promise the County would build the recreational facilities for our kids.  Cathparin Park is now delayed to 2016 or beyond. And more parks are in the pipeline, that are also being delayed.
Your help is needed now to reverse that decision. Here is how you can help. The Board of Supervisors will be voting on distributing left-over funds that were not spent from the FY 2012 budget — they call it the “carry over” budget process — on August 7, 2012.  The Board will have tens of millions of our tax dollars to spend in this carry over process. We need to send a strong message that families want to have Catharpin Park fully funded and have the work start on those fields immediately!
More information is available at the following link: When you visit this blog, you will see a button with a link to a petition that will tell the Board of Supervisors that they should fully fund Catharpin Park immediately. Here is a direct link to the petition:  All adults in the home should sign this petition.  We are voters as well as parents, and we need to speak out loudly against a political decision that penalizes our children. And ask every neighbor, family member, and friend to sign as well even if they do not have kids in the program.  This is about our quality of life in Prince William County, and our property values. IMPORTANT:  AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED THE PETITION, SEND AN EMAIL TO AND CONFIRM YOU HAVE SIGNED THE PETITION.  THIS WILL HELP US VERIFY THE NUMBER OF SIGNATURES COLLECTED FOR THE PETITION.  This is the first critical step we can take to hold the Board of County Supervisors accountable for this terrible decision. But we can make a difference, and funding is available for Catharpin Park if the Board wants to do the right thing. Please sign the petition as soon as you can, and send the verification email too. With your help, we can get this terrible decision reversed.
Thank you,
GHBL Board