Should tackling be banned from youth football?

Some experts feel that tackling in football, checking in hockey and heading the ball in soccer should be banned until players go through puberty. Though not related to head injury, you can add throwing curve balls in baseball to this list as well. Here is an article weighing the pros and cons related to concussions.

Bounties offered at the Pop Warner level?

Controversy surrounding allegations that a Southern California Pop Warner team rewarded its players for big hits with cash bounties.

Get kids out playing!

Nike has launched a new initiative, Designed to, aimed at creating a grassroots campaign to get kids more active. For the first time, children are projected to have a life expectancy of less than their parents. Childhood obesity and the overflow of technology are among the culprits. Get them out there moving around!

Wooden on race

In the terrific book, Wooden, with Steve Jamison, Coach Wooden details his attitudes on race which were derived from his father. The fact that his father was and Indiana farmer living at the turn of the 20th century, makes his philosophy even more remarkable.

Dad helped me set my thinking in place on the issue of race. He told me and my brothers many times, “You’re just as good as anyone, but you’re no better than anybody.” Because of him I’m better than I might have been on many matters, even though I fall short of what I should be.

One of our players said to a reporter once, “Coach Wooden doesn’t see race. He’s just looking for the players who will play together.” I’d have to say that gave me about as good a feeling as I could have.

My dad was a very wise man.

Inspiring high school football story

From Sports Illustrated’s “Underdogs” series on high school sports comes an uplifting story about the California School for the Deaf football team and their effort to overcome adversity and succeed on the field.

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