Checklist for managing a youth soccer team

Adapted from US Youth Soccer’s brochure titled, “10 Point Checklist for Successfully Managing a Youth Soccer Team.”, Utah Youth Soccer has published a document that is stocked with information valuable to anyone involved in running a youth soccer team or club. The ten points are:

  1. Ensure Good Coaching
  2. Delegate responsibility to team parents
  3. Set guidelines for the sidelines
  4. Teach basic safety
  5. How to handle injury and illness
  6.  Give kids straight advice about soccer shoes
  7. Inform about good nutrition
  8. Prevent dehydration
  9. Develop a team philosophy
  10. Understand the game

The document elaborates on each point in a way that is easy to digest and understand. Of course, we think they could add an eleventh point…Get a CoachDeck!