Answers to yesterday’s “You Are the Ref”

Yesterday we posted a cartoon, You Are the Ref, by Paul Trevillion and Kevin Hackett. In the cartoon, three different soccer refereeing scenarios are dramatized. You’ve had nearly 24 hours to come up with your response. Here’s how legendary referee Kevin Hackett rules:

1) Award the goal. The team-mate stayed outside the area until the ball was kicked and moved, and only then raced in to save his friend’s embarrassment. Lex Ashby wins the shirt. 2) The striker may have been over-dramatic here, but there was a foul, and the challenge was clearly careless. So you need to weigh up what to do. There is no mention in the Laws of “the last man” – the offence you are considering is DOGSO, denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. In this case, had there been no contact, the striker would have had a clear shot on goal – so you must punish the defender with a red card. Also, though, caution the striker with a yellow card for demanding his opponent was dismissed: it’s obvious unsporting behaviour. Thanks to Zach Simm. 3) Disallow it. The forward cannot make any contact with the keeper in his goal area if his feet are off the ground. I watched a similar incident at Swansea earlier this month involving Howard Webb, who correctly disallowed the goal. I was amazed when a BBC pundit criticised him. Experts eh?