Answers to yesterday’s “You Are the Ref”

Yesterday, we posted an edition the classic newspaper strip You Are the Ref, with a promise of referee Kevin Hackett’s answers to follow. He weighs in below:

1) If the keeper had only made contact because you were in his way then you would allow play to continue – but as he has used you to gain an unfair advantage, show him a yellow card for unsporting behaviour and restart with an indirect free-kick from a point on the six-yard line parallel to the goalline that is nearest to the offence. It cannot be a penalty as the offence was not committed against an opponent. You also need to rethink your positioning and viewing angles: you were too close to play.
2) Challenge him. Ask him for more information, and if you are not satisfied about his impartiality, dispense with his services, use a replacement official and report him to the authorities. Clearly this was not a good appointment: officials are always asked to declare allegiance to any team.
3) At the next stoppage, summon the player and his captain and inform them that, if there is another act of misbehaviour that you consider shows a lack of respect for the game, you will indeed show him a second yellow card, followed by a red, for unsporting behaviour.