All-star agita

A Little League Commissioner recently happened upon our article, Why Your League Should Not Re-Draft, and sent an email about the controversy he and his league are facing regarding all-stars. Every year, leagues across the country face these same questions and issues. Below is the email we received. Tomorrow we’ll provide our response.

We are a Little League organization and we are running into the same titling issues that you explained in your article concerning the re-draft. Your article hit the nail on the head. (Our league) currently does not re-draft every year and we follow the titling as does your league. Our issue has always been all stars at the end of the year to try to get to Williamsport. The way our league runs is that the coach who wins the league has the first opportunity to coach the “Williamsport” all star team. If his son happens to be an 11 year old and unlikely to make the team then he can forgo his option to a coach who finished in second place and so forth. Here is our problem that is blowing up currently. We have a group of 12 year old dads that brought forth to the board that they would like to pick the all star coach prior to the beginning of the season so that coaches aren’t manipulating as much during the regular season to try to win games to be that famous all star coach. Here is my stance which follows yours in saying that if you pick the all star coach before the season starts, are you or any other coach going to work with that so/so player as much as you would if you were trying to win the league? No! It amazes me every year the different stuff that is brought up in these meetings. If truth be told, I feel the reason that this particular issue was brought up was because this group of dads is afraid of a new coach in the league might have a shot at winning the league, being the all star coach at the end of the year and some of these dads’ kids, who’s kids would be borderline all stars, might get passed up when voting takes place or the coach makes his 3 coach’s picks to complete the roster. What a racket! I truly enjoyed reading your article and if you can give me any advice going into this meeting tonight to squash the re-draft and all star coach selection fiasco, I would truly appreciate it. I forgot to mention that not only do they want to pick the all star coach prior to the season but once he is named, they want to re-draft every year to balance out the league!! Stinkin crazy! Anyway, if you have any advice I would truly appreciate it.