Resolution to yesterday’s titling vs. re-draft post

Yesterday, we posted a conversation we had with a league that was considering scrapping their traditional player-selection method, (Titling), in favor of a re-draft because they have a team that appears to have little chance of being competitive this season. Below is an email we received with the league’s decision.

I want to thank you for responding so quickly yesterday and offering your advice. As it turns out the board voted and is keeping the Majors status quo. I read your email and it solidified the thoughts of most of the board. We are looking into ways we can assist the team and help them have more of a competetive season without disrupting the entire league. Thank you once again for your time. It is appreciated.

And our response:

I appreciate the follow-up and I believe the right decision was made. It has been a few years since I looked at the LL Operations Manual but I know there was a provision for supplemental draft picks provided to teams with an inordinate number of picks, however my recollection is that it was for teams only returning 4 players or fewer. Might be something a District Administrator could provide guidance on. Good luck again.