Answers to yesterday’s “You are the Ref”

Below are the answers to yesterday’s You Are the Ref posting, courtesy of the Guardian UK.

1) It’s a clever trick, but not one you can let go. If the ball had hit an outside agent and deflected into the net, then that would mean a simple dropped-ball restart. But in this case a clear offence has been committed: a deliberate attempt to influence play. So disallow the goal, show the player a yellow card for unsporting behaviour and restart with an indirect free-kick from the point on the goal area line, parallel to the goalline, nearest to where the snow made contact with the ball. Richard Nash wins the shirt.

2) As every eight-year-old knows, play to the whistle. It’s not up to you to spare the defender’s blushes: play was still live, so award a penalty and, if he has denied an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, send him off. And if the defender’s original trip was reckless, show him a yellow card. Thanks to Jonny Singer.

3) This subject is not covered in the Laws, but it will be in the rules of the competition. If the name was offensive in some way, you should have him change the shirt; clubs are required to have spare, numberless shirts with them in case a player has a blood injury and needs a replacement top. But in this case I would let him carry on and leave it to the authorities to decide after the game. If Zenit St Petersburg’s Givanildo Vieira de Souza is allowed to have his childhood nickname “Hulk” on his shirt, I can’t see a problem with “Rambo”. Thanks to Albert Ratcliffe.