26 best buzzer-beaters of the 2012-13 college hoops season

In our continued celebration of the impending NCAA tournament, enjoy these 26 great buzzer-beaters from this season. When you get to number eight, and realize its only number eight, it will dawn on you what a great year this was.

Upset stats to review before filling out your bracket

Those first-round picks are so important if you want to win your office NCAA Tournament pool. Here is a graphic breaking down the first-round upsets by seed over the past 28 years.

Funny Futbol Ferret

For your Friday. If you haven’t seen this video of the critter on the loose on the soccer field, it’s worth watching before the weekend.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Beginning today, for those who love college hoops, it’s like the holidays all over again. With meaningful tournament games televised today and tomorrow from Noon Eastern to 2:00 AM  and conference tournament championships Saturday and Sunday; bubbles burst, Cinderella’s bursting on the scene, culminating with the NCAA Tournament selection of the 68 teams invited to the “Big Dance,” we’re in for some buzzer beaters, heart break and jubilation. And that’s just the appetizer to the feast we know begins next week as “March Madness” officially kicks off. Enjoy!

A husband’s devotion

You’ll enjoy another beautifully-written article by the L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschkes about 77 year-old John Creel who runs marathons as a way to ensure he stays healthy enough to care for his wife of 53 years who is stricken with Multiple Sclerosis.

Over 1000 youth baseball leagues now using CoachDeck

Another milestone was reached this year as we passed the 1000 mark in youth baseball leagues that have purchased CoachDecks as a resource and appreciation gift for their coaches. As we work towards our next thousand, along with adding to the number of softball, football, soccer and basketball leagues using our product, we are developing new sports such as volleyball, hockey and others. Thank you to all of our terrific customers. We’re proud to have been invited inside your teams’ practices!

Sunday In the Bleachers

In case you missed yesterday’s funnies section of the paper, Sunday’s In the Bleachers, the hilarious sports-themed cartoon by Steve Moore was particularly amusing and on target. We’ve posted it below to help you get out of the Monday blues.

In the Bleachers 031013

Special Spectators

We’ve found another cause worthy of your attention. Special Spectators’ mission is to provide great live sports event experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Answers to yesterday’s “You are the Ref”

Below are the answers to yesterday’s You Are the Ref posting, courtesy of the Guardian UK.

1) It’s a clever trick, but not one you can let go. If the ball had hit an outside agent and deflected into the net, then that would mean a simple dropped-ball restart. But in this case a clear offence has been committed: a deliberate attempt to influence play. So disallow the goal, show the player a yellow card for unsporting behaviour and restart with an indirect free-kick from the point on the goal area line, parallel to the goalline, nearest to where the snow made contact with the ball. Richard Nash wins the shirt.

2) As every eight-year-old knows, play to the whistle. It’s not up to you to spare the defender’s blushes: play was still live, so award a penalty and, if he has denied an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, send him off. And if the defender’s original trip was reckless, show him a yellow card. Thanks to Jonny Singer.

3) This subject is not covered in the Laws, but it will be in the rules of the competition. If the name was offensive in some way, you should have him change the shirt; clubs are required to have spare, numberless shirts with them in case a player has a blood injury and needs a replacement top. But in this case I would let him carry on and leave it to the authorities to decide after the game. If Zenit St Petersburg’s Givanildo Vieira de Souza is allowed to have his childhood nickname “Hulk” on his shirt, I can’t see a problem with “Rambo”. Thanks to Albert Ratcliffe.

Another brain-teasing edition of “You are the Ref”

Cult classic cartoon strip You are the Ref appears exclusively this season on guardian.co.uk on Fridays, with Keith Hackett’s official answers following on Mondays. Click here for the story behind the strip, from its debut in 1957, to artist Paul Trevillion – the man who brought it to life. You don’t have to wait until Monday for the answers to the strip below. We’ll have them for  you in tomorrow’s post!

Jamie Carragher You are the Ref