Heartwarming MMA video?

It’s the CoachDeck blog’s first-ever reference to Mixed Martial Arts, and the dialogue is in Portuguese, but regardless of the language or sport, you’ll be touched by Brazialian MMA star Anderson Silva’s visit to this sick boy in the hospital. According to a translation in the comments section, before Silva’s entrance the conversation between the doctor and the child was the following:

Dr – “So.. It looks like you now have a problem with your legs, we hope that you get over this fast*”

* he’s for 9 months walking only on weelcheirs.

Dr – “Before you got sick, what kinds of things did you like to do?”

Boy – “I like sports, specially fighting. I’ve trained muay thai for a long time”

Dr – “Who are your favorite fighters?”

Boy – “It’s Anderson Silva and Minotauro”


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