CoachDeck donates to Wildcat Baseball League

Dale McMillen, (“Mr. Mac”) was a Fort Wayne, (IN) businessman and philanthropist. One day he decided to watch a local youth baseball league conduct its tryouts. What he didn’t expect to see was the disappointment on the faces of the boys told they were “cut” and would not be able to play. He decided to do something about it and founded the Wildcat Baseball League which has proudly served the Fort Wayne community for 53 years. McMillen believed every boy, (and now girl) who wished to play baseball should have the chance, regardless of skill, ability, race or creed. The league motto is, appropriately, “Everybody Makes the Team.” There are no registration fees, (only a modest donation requested to cover the cost of the cap and shirt players will wear to practices and games), no emphasis on winning. Each site employs a staff of high school and college students who are not responsible for any one team, but coach all kids and teams throughout the season. The only trophies given out for individual accomplishment are for perfect attendance.

CoachDeck has donated their baseball drill decks to Wildcat so that each staff member league-wide will have access. You can read the press release here.