Help rush water to children

Though this is not a sports-related message, it is child-related. And we at CoachDeck know that nearly all of our clients do what they do in youth sports because they care about children. Sometimes we might want to take a moment and reflect how lucky we are to be in a position to be able to enjoy our healthy children engaging in sports activities while, in other parts of the world, children struggle to survive from lack of basic necessities. CoachDeck Partner, UNICEF saves thousands of lives each day in distressed parts of the world. Please read their latest plea for help below. You can use our CoachDeck Micro-site to contribute to the cause. Any amount you can spare is appreciated.

For many children in Pakistan, every sip of water is a deadly gamble.

Clean water is very hard to find, and thirsty children often resort to drinking water from canals and rivers filled with garbage and excrement. The results are catastrophic: water-related diseases like diarrhea cause nearly 60 percent of child deaths in Pakistan.

UNICEF is responding to this crisis, but it’s not just Pakistan where children are dying. In Syria, Central Africa and all over the world, children are drinking contaminated, potentially deadly water. Without more help – without YOUR help – thousands of children will die.

Help UNICEF deliver lifesaving, clean water to kids in the most devastated parts of the world: donate today.

Every day, around the globe, nearly 2,000 children under age five die from diseases directly linked to contaminated water, a lack of sanitation or poor hygiene. These diseases are SO easy to prevent. Simple things like Water Purification Tablets and Oral Rehydration Salts can save lives. And they cost just pennies.

But right now UNICEF faces a massive gap in the funding needed to save these children. Donate today and help UNICEF bolster its clean water programs so that, together, we can stop these needless deaths.

Here’s how your donation will help protect a child from deadly water:

    $25 could help provide enough Water Purification Tablets to make nearly 17,000 liters of contaminated water safe to drink.
    $50 could help provide 625 packets of Oral Rehydration Salts to save children from fatal dehydration.
    $500 could help provide a durable hand pump to supply clean drinking water to an entire community.

You have the power to deliver lifesaving supplies to children in Pakistan and around the world – give today.

With one of the world’s most extensive distribution networks and the power to shape markets and partner with governments all over the globe, UNICEF has a unique ability to save and change lives – even in the most forbidding and hardest-to-reach places. But all of that means nothing when the resources aren’t there. UNICEF has literally tapped everything it has to respond to crises in Syria and elsewhere and desperately needs your help to replenish basic, lifesaving supplies.

Every single dollar you donate will go directly to save children from pain, suffering, disease and death.

Please respond – thousands of children need help now, today. Their fate rests in our hands. What you do right now can change their future.

Please donate today.

Every day, we get closer to a world where ZERO children die from waterborne illnesses. I believe this goal is possible, and that we will get there because of people like you, acting in moments like this.