Funny Old Spice Commercials

They are weird. They’re only eighteen seconds long. There are four of them. They feature NFL’ers Wes Welker and Jerrod Mayo, and they’re the perfect balance to yesterday’s sad post.

Good boy, Blue!

Not to start your day on a sad note but Butler University Mascot, Blue II passed away recently. The school put out this You Tube video tribute that will melt your heart. And if that doesn’t get you, read his owner’s poignant goodbye letter to his companion.

Teemu Selanne announces his return to the Ducks

…in a very amusing fashion. this 1:25 You Tube video shows he has a sense of humor to go along with his singular puck skills.

Football doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

Despite all of the new and widely-publicized concern over head injuries and concussions in football, it appears parents are not holding their kids back from playing the sport at the youth level. This article explains, among other things, how Pop Warner participation has held steady…good news for the future of the sport.