Reaction to “Everyone Calm Down”

Our article in yesterday’s OnDeck Newsletter, Everyone Calm Down, has caused quite a stir. Below is an email we received from a coach who brings up an important point relative to these situations, and our response:


I’ve been coaching for 14 years, the last 6 in club.

I have learned to solve this issue at the source….that is, parents need to learn very early on that they are a match set with their kids. I would not have that parent on my sideline, and if necessary their child on my team.

In other words, I see this as a Coach’s responsibility to quash this behavior.  Especially early on in a players career when their parents may be learning how to be the parent of an athletes.  You tend to see a whole lot more of this abhorrent behavior at younger matches, than olders (where parents have been to a few hundred matches, versus 5 or 6).

This poor kids career is probably over before it starts as he will not have fun, and will not keep playing just to avoid Dad.  Very sad.

Good article though!

Our response:

Thanks for the note. There is no question, I didn’t put this in the article, but I actually waited that day in the parking lot for the coach because I wanted to let him know he needed to get control of this group of ridiculous parents. They were all swarming around him chatting and I didn’t have time to wait around, so I left. The problem, I theorized, was that this is an affluent area with some very well-off parents, and the coach appeared to be in his early 20’s. My guess is he’s intimidated and doesn’t feel comfortable telling them to shut up. I was hoping to explain to him that he should absolutely take charge and get them in check.