Sixteen year-old baseball player told he cannot play because of long hair

This is an interesting conundrum. On one hand we have a coach who has a rule in place that all players on the team must adhere to, and on the other, a player who is growing his hair long to donate for a good cause, but in violation of that rule. Here is the article covering the situation. The player’s mom took a secret video of her confrontation with the coach which has gone viral. In it we learn that, at first, the player didn’t tell the coach he was growing his hair to be donated for cancer patient wigs. The coach, who didn’t know he was being videotaped, explains that he simply cannot let one player violate the rules, no matter the reason. With whom do you side, the player or the coach?

One Response

  1. I found the video and I side with the coach. He has a rule, (whether or not you agree it is a good rule) and he cannot simply let one player violate that rule. If you watch the video you find out that the kid claims he is growing his hair for cancer after the fact. I’m not even convinced this was his true motivation. Plus, the mom is obviously a piece of work. The coach is calling her by her first name, which indicates that she talks to him frequently. And she secretly videotapes their conversation. Classy. The coach sounds pretty reasonable to me. And notice the dad, who is divorced from the mom, comes in and tells the coach he supports him.

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