More on parents and playing time

We received the following email from a coach of a travel baseball team. We thought we ‘d share his question and our response:

Dear Sir,

I am having some issues with parents and complaints of playing time for their sons thus far in our season.  Everyday I find myself in a dilemma on trying to win games and “being fair”.  We are a relatively new travel baseball team at the 10U level, and I do understand that the financial commitment is significant at this level and I do try to play all of my boys every game, but I still hear a lot of rumblings about playing time.  Each game, I prepare by attempting to place the best team that I feel can put us in the best position to remain competitive for all six innings, regardless of the outcome.  However, there is still complaints.  I was wondering if I may use your statement that you say that you have used to address playing time on your teams.  I feel that this is the best, most straightforward statement I’ve come across in trying to quell their issues with my ability to coach their children.  

Thank you for your time.


(Name withheld)

Hi ____,

Thank you for reaching out. I am not sure which line you refer to, but sure, you are welcome to use it. I do, however, have a little concern with your comment about “trying” to play everyone  on your team each game at the 10U level. I believe if you read more of our articles on playing time etc. you’ll see we feel very strongly that at that age level there should never be a game where every player doesn’t get to play at least a couple of innings. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every player should get to pitch or play any position they want, but regardless of the financial commitment, if I had a 10 year-old who went to a game and didn’t get in the game at all, I’d have a problem.

Thanks again,

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