You Are The Ref Ross Barkley Answers

Here are Keith Hackett’s answers to yesterday’s “You Are the Ref puzzler”. If you missed it, you can view it here.

1) No – await the outcome. If a goal is scored, allow it to stand, then caution the keeper for unsporting behaviour. But if the keeper succeeds in putting the striker off, send him off for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. In that situation, restart with an indirect free-kick from where the “live” ball was when you stopped play. Thanks to Aswin Jay. 2) A grim situation. Advise the home team captain that, in the interests of crowd safety, the best option is to continue with the match, and leave it to the authorities to make an assessment after the final whistle. Include everything that took place in your report, allowing the competition to decide whether or not to order a replay. Thanks to Mark Goodge. 3) Once the penalty taker has taken the kick he cannot have any further participation – but the keeper can attempt to play the ball again. So in this case the striker is guilty of unsporting behaviour in preventing the keeper from doing so. Disallow the goal, because a retake would give the taker’s team an advantage they do not deserve.


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