You Are The Ref Louis van Gaal Answers

Here are the answers to yesterday’s “You Are the Ref puzzler”. If you missed it, you can view it here.

1) An interesting one. Before the game starts teams must fill out a form detailing who will be in the technical area – but there is no requirement that the named individuals must actually stay in the technical area at all times. So there is no real reason to prevent this approach. Your assistants will have checked the subs’ equipment before kick-off, and your fourth official will deal with the substitution process as required in the game. Just make sure that the equipment is checked again before players come on.
2) The game has not re-started, so you can change your mind. Controversial incidents are not supposed to be shown on big screens, but it is important your decisions are correct, so, based on what you saw, disallow the goal and explain what has happened to the players. The club can expect a sanction though for breaking the rules on replays.Thanks to Steven Hallmark.
3) Call the keeper and his captain over to you, away from the incident, and tell them that as you did not hear anything, you will not be taking immediate action – but you will be reporting what has been alleged to the authorities. Also, ask the ground controller to place extra security behind the goal. Thanks to Philip Hornsey.


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