You Are The Ref Gareth Bale answers

Here are Keith Hackett’s answers to yesterday’s “You Are the Ref puzzler”. If you missed it, you can view it here.

1) You cannot give a goal based on what the technology is telling you, because the frame of the goal has been totally compromised. So stop play immediately and signal for the groundstaff to replace the goal. Once that is done to your satisfaction, ask the Hawk-Eye engineers to re-calibrate their system, then restart with a dropped ball on the six-yard line parallel to the goal line. Thanks to Richard Alford.
2) Was it a deliberate act? You would be hard pushed to be certain of that – in all probability it was an accident. So that’s how I would treat it: stop play and restart with a dropped ball. Thanks to Gareth Pritchard.
3) It seems bizarre, but, then again, last month the Atlético Madrid assistant coach German Burgos was pictured using this technology while sitting on the bench. So take a look at the glasses, and if they do incorporate the technology insist that they are removed and report the matter to the authorities. The laws state players and staff are not allowed to use electronic communication systems, and I would extend that to this device too.


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