Fundraising – Big Responsibility Breeds Big Morale

From our partners at Just

In the world of youth sports (and major leagues), support is what drives a team to push their hardest. Whether it’s the fans’ inspiring chants and cheers, the cheerleaders daring routines and high level energy, or that one parent that tips off the coach at halftime resulting in a game-changing play; the energy of each and every contributor is what raises the team’s performance beyond the limits of daily training. And since many youth-based teams are now required to ‘pay-to-play’, making youth activities a heavy financial burden for parents and the children that want to participate, there’s another brand of support that you can use to raise the spirit and morale of your team. That support is called fundraising.

Now, how could fundraising become an integral component to your team’s morale? How could it possibly become something that churns the excitement and develops leadership within our youth? Simply put, if done by the members of the team alongside the parents, it could establish a deeper meaning for what the team is all about.

Let’s face it. Without funding of any kind, the youth sports of today will die out. It’s a fate that the parents will understand more than their children simply because they’re footing the bill. However, our youth can be taught that it takes money to keep the team standing, and you can imagine how much more they will appreciate their team if the burden of raising money was up to them.

Think of it almost like the old hit TV show, The Apprentice. In the show, you have team projects set to raise money where the ultimate goal is for the team to make an event or product so outstanding, that it will gain the utmost attention from Mr. Trump himself. The intensity involved is always at a high with the best teams. The excitement builds, new personal skills are developed, new bonds are formed and the results skyrocket as they approach their deadline. Just imagine a similar scenario but with your team fundraiser.

If they can work together to make sure the team is standing strong financially, on game day, they will appreciate and be ecstatic at what they have truly become. However, that doesn’t mean they have to foot the whole billing. The parents can support the players throughout the fundraiser and even pick up where the players left off.

Fundraising is a terrific way to raise our youth’s awareness of what they can accomplish and will definitely help spark your team’s morale. As Jolian Grant, President of Just Fundraising, has stated:

We also believe fundraising isn’t just about raising funds – it’s about building our children’s sense of worth, self-confidence and leadership skills. Fundraising is about helping our children realize that they can achieve anything.

So, if you believe your team is low on spirit and needs a pick-me-up, why not encourage them to build on their foundation with a well-organized fundraiser? There’s so much growth and excitement that comes from working together as a team to build a team. Raise money together and morale will follow.

Michael Jones is a writer and fundraising consultant at with 15 years of experience helping schools, non-profit groups, youth sports teams and other causes implement successful fundraising campaigns.

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