Youth soccer rift

This is one of the toughest dilemmas we’ve ever encountered. In a sixth-grade soccer league in Seattle, so many girls showed up that they needed to field two teams. In cases such as this, the league rules require that both teams be split equally from a talent standpoint. However, prior to the season, concerns were expressed that the teams were not equal. One team went 7-0-1, while the other finished 2-4-1. The parents from the undefeated team claimed the the coach was fantastic and elevated the girls to a higher level. The parents from the other teams believed they were given the short end of the stick. The league was in a tough spot because they felt they had to uphold the integrity of the rule, but at the same time didn’t relish the idea of taking anything away from the winning team. Here is an article about the story. See if you agree with how it was resolved. If you don’t, do you have a better solution?