Youth Coach’s New Year’s Resolutions

Soon, spring seasons will be starting up all over the nation. Kids will be joining new teams, parents will be volunteering, (or being volunteered) to coach them. Whether you’re a wizened old veteran or it is your first time, here are some New Year’s coaching resolutions to consider.

  1. I will do my best to make every practice fun, competitive, and instructional. In that order.
  2. I will remember that afterward, each player on my team is going to be asked by his parents, “How was practice?”
  3. I will be organized, punctual and enthusiastic.
  4. I will strive to make all players feel cared-for and important whenever I see them.
  5. I will show respect to officials so as to set a positive example for my players.
  6. I will show respect to opposing coaches for the same reason.
  7. I will give my best effort at each practice and game and ask for the same from my players.
  8. However, I will also remember that these are not tiny pros, and that some of them may not be trying to “get to the next level,” make all-stars or even win a championship. Some may just want to enjoy the game and be on a team with friends.
  9. I will try to balance the two.
  10. My number one goal this season will be to have 100% of my players come back to play next year
  11. I will take some time each day to realize that I won’t always have the privilege of coaching these kids, and I’ll appreciate the little moments, things that have nothing to do with wins and losses, that make the experience so special.

Here’s hoping this season is the best yet for every coach – and for every youngster putting on that cherished uniform.

Brian Gotta is a former professional youth baseball coach and current volunteer Little League coach and board member. He is the President of CoachDeck and also author of four youth sports novels which can be found at He can be reached at