Give so that others may play

Yesterday we were listening to a radio interview with two African-American activists who were discussing the inner-city crime problem in America. One of the participants brought up after school programs and the aspect of kids who are home alone without supervision and nothing to do. He mentioned that many of them would like to play a sport, say football for instance, but that it might cost $400-$500 to be able to play and that many of their parents, not home because they’re working two jobs, can’t afford to pay that. Consequently, these kids fall in with the wrong crowd and end up in trouble.

Our friends at Protex Sports want to do something about just this issue. Their Protex Sports Foundation is a non-profit designed to raise money for underprivileged athletes who need financial assistance. It is one of the best causes we can imagine and hope you’ll not only help, but will get the word out to others as well.