How can we make tryouts fair?

Its one of every youth sports parents greatest fears. The high school sports tryout. What if my son or daughter doesn’t make the team? What will happen then? And the worst thing is feeling that there is a chance the tryout might not really showcase the players who are truly most deserving. In sports such as wrestling, tennis and golf, it is more clear-cut. Beat your opponent and you win the spot. Similarly in sports such as track and field and swimming, the fastest time or the farthest throw or best jump wins. It is cut-and-dried. But in baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, football and other sports where there are few measurable components to a child’s performance, the decisions are very subjective. And this is when disappointment, resentment, anger and despair sometimes come in. What ideas do you have to make the process more fair so that there is no politics, nepotism or other factors including the coach just simply getting it wrong, when selecting a team. Send your suggestions to Do you have a story to tell about a tryout one of your children was involved in? Send that along as well.