Figure out the championship rules before the season

Here is an email from a frustrated Little League parent:

My son’s Little League is making everyone upset. Several of the Majors managers are on the board and so far, no one seems to know how the playoffs are going to be determined. Last year the top four teams got in but this year we’re hearing that only the top two teams will play. Many of us have asked but so far no one wants to say what we’re doing. I’m afraid that they’re waiting to see if two of the board members’ teams are going to be in the top two before deciding. It doesn’t seem fair that the people running the league have an unfair advantage.

Difficult to argue with this parent. This doesn’t seem fair. Cases like these are exactly why we recommend publishing all of the season’s rules pertaining to playoffs, all-stars, rainouts, umpires and any other potential variables, before the season begins, to avoid these appearances of impropriety. We’ve even put together a checklist of items for leagues to consider before the season. It may be too late for this league, but maybe next year’s board will consider it.