Throw Hard Son… How Dad?

By Dan Gazaway
Have your parents or coach ever told you to throw hard?I’m sure they have.It’s common to hear from the stands. “Hey, Dan throw hard.”

The problem with screaming this from the stands is that the majority of the time you are trying to throw hard, you just haven’t been taught exactly how to do it.
So, where does velocity come from?
Velocity comes from the ground up, from your feet to your fingertips. Your body has to do everything mechanically correct so that you can maximize your throwing potential.
The great news is.. once you know how to throw correctly.. you will not only throw much faster, you will throw much more relaxed, you will feel a lot less pressure in your throwing arm and you will most likely last longer every game you pitch.  Throwing late in the game gives your team a higher likelihood of winning.
Here are a few pitching tips that will help you add some “pop” to the ball:
1. Make sure all of your momentum goes toward home plate: any time your momentum goes anywhere else but toward the plate, you lose MPH and can put more pressure on your throwing arm.  
2. Throw with your legs: Be explosive to foot strike gathering momentum a long the way. Too many pitchers aren’t explosive and don’t generate any power with their legs. They are what I call “arm focused” pitchers.
3. Lead with your hips: When you lift your leg make sure your hips lead the way, not your front shoulder. This will help you generate better momentum toward the plate.
4. Rotate your hips: After foot strike be quick to get your hips all the way around. To help you do this, get on the “tip toe” of your back foot quickly. This helps bring your hips around. Be sure to keep your foot on the ground all the way to release of the pitch as you continue your momentum toward the plate.
Now those are all great tips and of course there is much more to velocity than what I’ve just mentioned here. In my pitching mechanics and coaching pitchers DVD I go into great detail (simplified detail) about how to add MPH to your fastball demonstrating all of the techniques I just mentioned and many more.
Have a great season!
Dan Gazaway is the owner of The Pitching Academy  and has been coaching pitchers for over 15 years.  His instructional products have been a valuable resource for many coaches, parents and pitchers of all ages.  His website is Get their FREE pitching grips ebook here (use coupon code thepitchingacademy)