My child should have made all-stars

It is the time of year that baseball, softball and soccer leagues begin gearing up for all-stars. The all-star tournaments can be a ton of fun and great experience for kids, but they can also cause a lot of anxiety and resentment. Invariably, when all-star teams are selected, some feelings are hurt when children are left off the team. Of course, parents are upset and hurt to see their children upset and hurt, but there is probably also a little bit of anger mixed in. Parents’ egos come into play. They want to be able to proudly let other parents know that their child is an all-star. And, it makes it doubly irritating to see other parents be able to have that “prestige” when their kids are seemingly no more deserving. It is hard, this time of year, no doubt. And in baseball, softball and soccer the decisions are very subjective. This often leads to suspicions or accusations of nepotism and cronyism, especially when coaches’ and board members’ children are picked over others.

The best service a league or club can provide in this matter is to make the selection process as fair and as transparent as possible. One way to accomplish this is to have a vote. It is OK to let the coaches vote, but let the kids vote also. They will more than likely get it right and since the top 50% of the team is going to be chosen no matter what, by vote or not, having the kids’ vote data might just make those tougher final choices a little easier to map out.

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