My son’s coach isn’t treating him fairly

We get emails like these all the time, from parents telling us that their children are not getting fair treatment from their coach. We welcome these comments. But before sending one off to us or to your local league’s President, stop and ask a few questions first:

  • Have you been at every practice and game to know for sure that your son or daughter is giving as much effort as everyone else?
  • Are you certain that they are as talented as others who you believe are getting “preferential treatment”?
  • Has your child had any attendance issues?
  • Does your son or daughter do extra work on his or her own to improve?
  • What would the coach say if you were to ask why your child isn’t playing as much or where they would like?

There are always two sides to every story. There are always more players than spots on the field. Sometimes taking a step back and trying to be objective is better than rushing in to “defend”  your child.