Answer to yesterday’s You Are the Ref

Yesterday, we posted an issue of The Guardian UK’s You Are the Ref. If you missed it, click here. Below are Keith Hackett’s answers:

1) Not a penalty as the ball is not in play. If you have not seen the incident and think he might be play-acting, take the injured player to one side with his captain. Remind them that you expect them to participate in the game in a fair and equitable manner. Ignore the appeals. If you have seen the incident, send off the defender for violent conduct. Either way, restart with the corner-kick.
2) Ignore any such comments at half-time. However, the referee is at fault here. He should have ensured before kick-off that the goalkeeper is easily distinguished from his team-mates and the opposition and is wearing a jersey or shirt with long sleeves, which is now the requirement for all players.
3) The offence has occurred off the field. So stop play and caution the defender for unsporting behaviour, holding the forward, and restart play with a dropped ball. If you deem that the forward would have gained possession of the ball and has been denied an obvious goalscoring opportunity as he was well ahead of the chasing pack then send the defender off.