Can you tell it is June?

June is when youth baseball leagues around the country gear up for all-stars. And that means parents everywhere are wringing their hands and pacing their floors worrying about whether or not their child will be given a chance to try-out and be selected for a team. No time of the year brings more concern about fairness and nepotism than all-star season. Don’t believe us? Check out what some of the top search terms were just yesterday for people who found their way to this blog: what to expect at little league all star tryouts; how to pick a little league all star team; little league – how many players on all star teams; definition of a little league all-star; little league all star selection.

We encourage every league conducting try-outs to have as fair and transparent process as possible. Simply having league officials and team managers convene and pick teams and announce who made it on the league website is a sure way to create confusion, hurt feelings, uproar and accusations of impropriety.