Answer to yesterday’s You Are the Ref

Yesterday’s You Are the Ref posed a question about some pretty bad behavior directed to the referee. Think you know the answers to how to handle it? Here is Keith Hackett’s verdict.

1) You always have the option of handing over to a colleague for fitness reasons, or if you suspect that some other issue has clouded your judgment. But this is most definitely not one of those situations. Tell them that if they refuse to continue you will abandon the game and report the club to the authorities. It’s a simple warning: if their actions cause the game to be called off, they can expect severe sanctions.
2) The manager made a sensible decision here: had the player actually crossed the line it would have been a second yellow for leaving the field of play without permission – and therefore a red. But as it is, given that play was not live, it makes sense to allow him to be subbed, despite the extremely late notice.
3) The defender’s foul took place before the offside offence, so the striker cannot be declared offside – you always punish the first offence. So, in the circumstances, you can react to that first offence by playing advantage, even though the striker is in an offside position when he takes control of the ball. Once the passage of play has concluded, show the defender a yellow card for unsporting behaviour.

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