A plea from a President

This is something we found on a Little League’s website and, as it is in keeping with some of our recent posts about youth league volunteers and the lack of help they often receive from other parents, we thought we’d share it. Tellingly, this letter was written by a League President four years ago, but is still prominently displayed on this league’s homepage.

“Ever wonder why we put so much influence on fundraising? We are a non-profit organization, and part of the largest youth sports program in the world. Little League serves more than 2.5 Million boys and girls in the United States and 83 other countries. There is no funding that comes from Little League International.
Unlike other leagues, our fields are on leased, Navy/Government land.  No funding for improvements, utilities, lighting, equipment or maintenance. Everything you see at the fields are completed by volunteers and sponsors. Every year we have tons of maintenance or new projects that need to get done. It always seems that the same 4-6 people do a majority of the work. It is very unfair on those that spend 20-40 hours a week on top of their regular jobs, get very little assistance. Imagine if 20 parents showed up with a weed-eater, with 4 on each field that job would get done in less than an hour. Right now it takes about 4 – 6 hours for a couple of our regular volunteers to weed-eat the entire ball fields(not including the sidewalks, playground and outer fences).
“The most common thing we hear is nobody asked me to help. My best friend told me once, if you have to ask for my help, then I really didn’t want to help anyway. This is your league. Things get done with volunteers and sponsors/donations. I challenge each and every parent that takes the time to read this page, to start volunteering. Not just once but regularly. Bring a friend.
We need lawn mower maintenance , painting, weed-eating every week, mowing, fence repairs, trash picked up, and emptying the trash cans into the dumpster. Ever wonder which cleaning service cleans the restrooms? WE do. So help as much as you can. When you see something that needs to get done, call me or any other board member and take the lead in getting it done.”

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