How to make your coaches meetings

We hear it from leagues all the time. The highlight of their coach’s meeting was when they brought out the box of CoachDecks and handed them out. We recently had a soccer club Director of Coaching order a batch for his coaches and he went on and on about the benefits of the product. He loved how a coach could show up at practice straight from work and pull out a few cards and run a great practice. He said a coach might think, “Today we’re going to work on passing,” and simply fan out the “Passing” cards, (the green ones), and pick out four, with the plan being to do three. This way, he said, ‘if it turns out one isn’t working for the kids that day, you’ve got a fourth one ready in reserve.’

We love hearing positive comments like these and hope you’ll consider making your upcoming coaches meetings more special by giving out the best combination coach appreciation gift and training tool money can buy!