Practice drills on the fly

The feedback we get from youth soccer, baseball, basketball, football and softball leagues everywhere has been overwhelming for many years. What we hear is that leagues love providing their coaches, who are volunteer moms and dads, with a tool they can use, “on the fly” when they haven’t had time to put together a practice plan. We know there are online resources out there available for free. But we also know that the average busy, volunteer coach who works a full day, comes home, has dinner and puts the kids to bed is not then going to, at 10:00 o’clock at night, log into a website, with streaming video, print sheets of paper and download practice plans. They need something like CoachDeck which can be used quickly and easily on the field, while the kids are getting out of their cars. This is why thousands of leagues, clubs and organizations choose CoachDeck as part of their coach training efforts.