One of our favorite baseball drills

With over fifty drills in our baseball deck, it is hard to pick a favorite. but Around the Horn is one that came to our mind the other day while watching a Little League all-star practice. The coaches were doing a version of the drill, but it wasn’t quite as exciting. They had one player at each base and the rest of the team in line by home plate. The drill was to throw the ball around from home to first, to second, to third and back to home, then continue the sequence. Each player would throw and then jog to the next base and eventually after a dozen times around everyone had been around the bases. The coaches were chatting with each other, not paying much attention, and when it was over they read out the time it took, over two minutes, and that was it.

We prefer our version. Divide the team up equally at each bag, (i.e. four at home, four at first, etc.). Begin by throwing counter-clockwise around the bases, (home to first, then to second, and so forth) and at each base, after players make their throw they step back and let the next up occupy the bag. This continues until at least every player has been involved and then coaches yell, “reverse!” at which time the ball begins going clockwise. After this has progressed for several rotations the coaches will then begin instructing individual base throws, by saying, “Three!”, “One!”, “Four!” etc. Players must be on their toes and able to react to the sudden call, which will make them much more adept at being able to adjust and throw to a base on the fly in a game.

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